Group History


  • The 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg Boy Scout Troop started meeting in a hut in old Broomieknowe
  • The Scoutmaster was Mr Richard Horsburgh a tailor from 25 Polton Street, Bonnyrigg.
  • The Scouts held a fundraising concert for the Miners strike fund
  • There was a Midlothian County Boy Scouts Rally at Polton House on Sat 20th July 1912
    Henry Dundas County Commissioner for Midlothian Addressed the Rally
    More leaders were needed!
The First Known Picture of the Bonnyrigg Scouts at Heriot in 1915
The First Known Picture of the Bonnyrigg Scouts at Heriot in 1915


  • The 14th Scouts go and see Baden Powell at a rally in Edinburgh

“The only time I saw the Chief Scout in the flesh with my troop 14th Midlothian Boy Scouts, at that time our Scoutmaster was ‘young’ MacTaggart of well known Midlothian family”
James L Anderson (Scout)

  • Wolf Cubs were beginning!


  • The Scouts move on to their current site at Eldindean Road
  • Wolf Cubs become an official part of the Association


  • Senior Scouts introduced in the UK
  • The following year, Senior Scouts were renamed Rover Scouts


  • 26th Midlothian (Lasswade) merges with the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg
  • Doug Smith joins the Group from the 26th Lasswade Group, as a Scout


  • As part of a contingent of Midlothian Scouts, Tommy Hope from the 14th attends the 1937 World Jamboree in The Netherlands
  • This is the last World Jamboree that Baden Powell attends before his death



  • Doug Smith becomes Scoutmaster


  • After Doug Smith returns from the war a fund is started. It’s purpose, to build a new hall


  • 12 years on the hall fund meets it’s target
  • In November 1966, the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg Scout Group’s new hall is opened
  • The Chief Scout’s Advanced Party Report is published
  • Wolf Cubs are renamed Cub Scouts
  • Introduction of new Promise and Law


  • Boy Scouts are renamed Scouts
  • The Boy Scout Association becomes The Scout Association
  • Changes in Uniform, Training following the Advanced Parties recommendations


  • Beavers begin at the Scout Hall


  • The 22nd Midlothian Lasswade closes and leaders and its members join the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg Scout Group
  • At this point the 14th had 2 Beaver Colonies, 3 Cub Packs, 3 Scout Troops and a Venture Unit


  • Bonnyrigg Scouting Magazine Issue 1 is printed
  • Issue 16 the Millennium Issue was printed in 2000, that was the last issue
  • 15 Scouts and 6 Leaders visit Bonnyrigg from St Cyr L’Ecole, France in an exchange visit



  • The following year Scouts from the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg visit St Cyr L’Ecole in the return visit


  • The Group launches its 1st Website. Its such a novelty then, that we get a front page story in the Midlothian Advertiser


  • Doug Smith ‘The father of Scouting in Bonnyrigg’ dies aged 83. He had been an Assistant Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Group Scout Leader, Group Treasurer and District Commissioner (Southern Midlothian). He was a holder of the Medal of Merit, Long Service Decoration, Silver Acorn and received the bar to the Silver Acorn.


  • Following a review of the Sections, The Scout Association closes Venture Scouts and introduces Explorer Scouts and Scout Network.


  • Following a restructuring of Scottish Scouting. The Scout Group now is part of Midlothian District and SE Scotland Region.


  • We double our membership in 2 years


  • We Celebrated our Centenary by holding:
    • Centenary Parents Evening
    • Centenary Group Camp at Lapwing Lodge
    • Centenary Ceilidh at Lasswade Rugby Club
    • Centenary Christmas Disco


  • We are sucessful in getting funding from the Gourlaw Fund courtesy of Scottish Coal and Midlothian Council, for:
    • Replacement of Heating System, with Gas Central Heating
    • Replacement and Decoration of Toilets
    • Replacement of Emergency Exit Doors
    • Complete Exectrical Rewire of Scout Hall, including the installation of External Lights and Fire Alarm


  • We received a donation from IKEA Straiton of a new kitchen which has now been installed entirely by volunteers.


  • The Scout Group had record demand, and a waiting list of 74 young people that could join the Scout Group now.
  • The Thursday Cub Pack Opened on Thursday 25th August 2016.
  • The Friday Beaver Colony opened on Friday 2nd September 2016.
  • The Scout Group now has over 200 members the highest number in its 104 year history.
  • We have 9 Sections – 3 Beaver Colonies (Monday, Tuesday and Friday); 3 Cub Packs (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) ; 2 Scout Troops (Monday and Wednesday) and a Friday Explorer Scout Unit.