Group History


  • The 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg Boy Scout Troop started meeting in a hut in old Broomieknowe
  • The Scoutmaster was Mr Richard Horsburgh a tailor from 25 Polton Street, Bonnyrigg.
  • The Scouts held a fundraising concert for the Miners strike fund
  • There was a Midlothian County Boy Scouts Rally at Polton House on Sat 20th July 1912
    Henry Dundas County Commissioner for Midlothian Addressed the Rally
    More leaders were needed!











  • The 14th Scouts go and see Baden Powell at a rally in Edinburgh

“The only time I saw the Chief Scout in the flesh with my troop 14th Midlothian Boy Scouts, at that time our Scoutmaster was ‘young’ MacTaggart of well known Midlothian family”
James L Anderson (Scout)

  • Wolf Cubs were beginning!


  • The Scouts move on to their current site at Eldindean Road
  • Wolf Cubs become an official part of the Association


  • Senior Scouts introduced in the UK
  • The following year, Senior Scouts were renamed Rover Scouts


  • 26th Midlothian (Lasswade) merges with the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg
  • Doug Smith joins the Group from the 26th Lasswade Group, as a Scout


  • As part of a contingent of Midlothian Scouts, Tommy Hope from the 14th attends the 1937 World Jamboree in The Netherlands
  • This is the last World Jamboree that Baden Powell attends before his death



  • Doug Smith becomes Scoutmaster


  • After Doug Smith returns from the war a fund is started. It’s purpose, to build a new hall


  • 12 years on the hall fund meets it’s target
  • In November 1966, the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg Scout Group’s new hall is opened
  • The Chief Scout’s Advanced Party Report is published
  • Wolf Cubs are renamed Cub Scouts
  • Introduction of new Promise and Law


  • Boy Scouts are renamed Scouts
  • The Boy Scout Association becomes The Scout Association
  • Changes in Uniform, Training following the Advanced Parties recommendations


  • Beavers begin at the Scout Hall


  • The 22nd Midlothian Lasswade closes and leaders and its members join the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg Scout Group
  • At this point the 14th had 2 Beaver Colonies, 3 Cub Packs, 3 Scout Troops and a Venture Unit


  • Bonnyrigg Scouting Magazine Issue 1 is printed
  • Issue 16 the Millennium Issue was printed in 2000, that was the last issue
  • 15 Scouts and 6 Leaders visit Bonnyrigg from St Cyr L’Ecole, France in an exchange visit



  • The following year Scouts from the 14th Midlothian Bonnyrigg visit St Cyr L’Ecole in the return visit


  • The Group launches its 1st Website. Its such a novelty then, that we get a front page story in the Midlothian Advertiser


  • Doug Smith ‘The father of Scouting in Bonnyrigg’ dies aged 83. He had been an Assistant Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Group Scout Leader, Group Treasurer and District Commissioner (Southern Midlothian). He was a holder of the Medal of Merit, Long Service Decoration, Silver Acorn and received the bar to the Silver Acorn.


  • Following a review of the Sections, The Scout Association closes Venture Scouts and introduces Explorer Scouts and Scout Network.


  • Following a restructuring of Scottish Scouting. The Scout Group now is part of Midlothian District and SE Scotland Region.


  • We double our membership in 2 years


  • We Celebrated our Centenary by holding:
    • Centenary Parents Evening
    • Centenary Group Camp at Lapwing Lodge
    • Centenary Ceilidh at Lasswade Rugby Club
    • Centenary Christmas Disco


  • We are sucessful in getting funding from the Gourlaw Fund courtesy of Scottish Coal and Midlothian Council, for:
    • Replacement of Heating System, with Gas Central Heating
    • Replacement and Decoration of Toilets
    • Replacement of Emergency Exit Doors
    • Complete Exectrical Rewire of Scout Hall, including the installation of External Lights and Fire Alarm


  • We received a donation from IKEA Straiton of a new kitchen which has now been installed entirely by volunteers.


  • The Scout Group had record demand, and a waiting list of 74 young people that could join the Scout Group now.
  • The Thursday Cub Pack Opened on Thursday 25th August 2016.
  • The Friday Beaver Colony opened on Friday 2nd September 2016.
  • The Scout Group now has over 200 members the highest number in its 104 year history.
  • We have 9 Sections – 3 Beaver Colonies (Monday, Tuesday and Friday); 3 Cub Packs (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) ; 2 Scout Troops (Monday and Wednesday) and a Friday Explorer Scout Unit.